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24/May/2011 Tigress killed Woman & Man in Bandhavgarh
Mirchahahi Tigress killed a woman & a man in Samna Beat, at Andhyari Jhiria region of Bandhavgarh National Park. Women Budhia Bai of 40 years age went into forest to collect Tendu leaves. Unfortunately Budhia went close to Tamarha Nala where tigress was resting with her 02 cubs. Jugdging the danget, Tigress charged on woman and killed her. When villagers gathered their, tigress returned back and again charged on villager and killed a man (45 years age).

06/Mar/2011 Tigress Cannibalism in Bandhavgarh
Park officials, have traced the carcass of 06 years old Chorbehra Langdi tigress. She was not seen since many days which made officials to conduct search operation. As per information, she was killed by more than 03 years old Jhurjhura tigress in an territorial fight. By examining the body, it seems after killing, Jhurjhura tigress had consumed her flesh.

02/Mar/2011 Madhya Pradesh remain closed for Evening Safari on Every Wed. from 01/Apr/2011:
In a latest development, Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh State has decided to close park for evening safaris on every Wednesday from 01/Apr/2011. Earlier they made announcement to close park for full day but considering the problems to be faced by visitors, travel agents, hoteliers they have decided to revise the announcement and allow morning safari on Wednesdays.

07/Feb/2011 Tiger Show back in Tala Safari Zone:
Tiger Show is again organized in Tala Safari Zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Tiger Show means showing tiger for 5-10 minutes from elephant back against nominal fee of INR.600 Per Person for Foreigner tourist & INR.200 Per Person for Indians. Earlier due to some reason, since parks has been opened (16/Oct/2010), Tiger-shows in Tala zone has been suspended for un-definite time. But now visitors can enjoy tiger sighting & photography through elephant ride in Tala Zone also.

27/Dec/2010 Tigress killed human being inside Resort:
On 26/Dec/2010, Langadi (Limping) Tigress of Bandhavgarh killed a human being (resort employee) in a Resort in Tala Village, Bandhavgarh. Till 27/Dec/2010 evening, tigress with her cubs remain inside resort boundary. Maharaja Royal Retreat is a heritage resort on main Tala-Umaria road. All safari jeeps pass through that resort to reach Tala park entrance gate.Forest department was trying to push them away from site, using elephants. As it is a peak tourism season in Bandhavgarh, tourists and villagers gathering at the spot to enjoy tiger sighting. Their are many incidents occurred in Tala Village of killing cattle while they are inside human houses but it is a rare incident in which tigress killed a human being. It seems, killing was not intentional but happened accidentally.

26/Oct/2010 NO to declare Tala Zone as Premium Safari Zone:
Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has decided not to declare Tala Safari Zone as Premium Safari Zone. Decision was withdrawn by Forest Department.
Earlier in the begining of Oct. month it was decided to declare Tala Safari Zone as special safari zone from 16/Dec/2010 and increase entrance charges by 100%. But on request of Hotel owners, travel agents park management as recommended to withdraw the proposal as it was posing financial problems for tours who are already been confirmed.

11/Oct/2010 Tala Zone entitled Special Safari Zone. Entrance Fee doubled from 16/Dec/2010. Park Closed on every Wednesday, from 01/Apr/2011.
Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has decided to close all national parks of state including Bandhavgarh, closed on Wednesday, every week.
Tala Safari Zone of Bandhavgarh will be declared as Special Safari Zone for which safari will be costly. Here safari charge will be double to any other safari zone of Bandhavgarh. Also, tiger-tracking using elephants has also been stopped in Tala zone. Now Tiger-tracking and tiger-shows will be organized in Magadhi Safari zone of Bandhavgarh.

13/Aug/2010 Tiger cub found dead in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
Three cubs of Jhurjhura Tigress, who was died due to jeep-hit in Bandhavgarh, were missing since last 4-5 days. On 10/Aug/2010, park authorities declared that they have found dead body of one of the cub in the protected area made for them. Other two cubs are still missing till now. Reason of cub's death was revealed as attack by some mature tiger of the reserve.
Earlier when tigress(their mother) was killed by jeep hit, park authorities made announcement to shift them to enclosure in Magdhi zone of Bandhavgarh. But till now they were living in the same area where their mother was killed. That area was declared as protect zone for cubs and was not properly fenced to ensure protection. This human negligence resulted in loss of tiger cub and also revealed the irresponsible work culture in park management system. Mistakes are repeated again & again.

20/May/2010Tigress Killed by Safari Vehicle hit in Bandhavgarh National Park
Last updated: 10/Aug/2010
On Wednesday 19/May/2010, a tigress of 08 years old found dead in Jhurjhura region, close to water source in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It was first spotted by tourists and reported to forest official. She died before the help reached to her. She was having 3 cubs of about 05 months old. First, forest officials declared the death cause as illness or conflict with other tiger. Postmortem report revealed the death cause as multiple injuries due to multiple hit by vehicle. Images recently released of postmortem carried out reveals that Postmortem was done in open air and axe is used in postmortem related work. It shows the level of arrangement and facilities available for animals. Investigation is going on. During investigation, several safari jeeps who have been allotted the route on the accident spot lies were detained for forensic examination and were later released with clean-chit. So far 03 employees were suspended in the case. Pressure is mounting on State Government so case is now handed-over to CID (Crime Investigation Department).
Till 10th of August 2010, investigating authorities are not able to find actual culprit. Although in some day some outcome will be made public but delay in justice is equivalent to denial of justice. It seems search for scapegoat is going on. Despite of visible facts, why authorities are not in a position to nab the culprit is a mystery.


10/Apr/2010Tigers boom in Central India Tiger Reserves
New generation of tigers have been arrived in Tiger Country- India. In last 15 months, about 117 tiger cubs have been seen in 9 Tiger Reserves of India known for healthy tiger density and good sighting. Among them 44 cubs are from Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Pench Tiger Reserves of Madhya Pradesh State due to which, tiger sighting (of every age group) in summers is going great in early morning & evening hours of park safari. In Bandhavgarh only, 12 new tiger cubs can be seen by the visitors.

20/Mar/2010 Human killing by Tigress in Bandhavgarh Forest area:
Human killing by Tigress in Bandhavgarh Forest area:
In an unfortunate incident, one of the local village girl (approx. age 18years) was killed by Tigress inside Bandhavgarh Forest. As per our local villagers, girl went to forest to collect "Mahua" (fruit of Indian Butter Tree) and unfortunately moved close to the area where tigress had made kill. Incident took place near Kushwahi Village of Bandhavgarh buffer zone area. Investigation is going on and more result will yet to come. As per local villager, that particular tigress was not seen in that area earlier.
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