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18/Oct/2014 Canter Safari in Bandhavgarh
Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has finally introduced canter vehicles for doing jungle safari in Bandhavgarh. It is a 12-seater open bus in which tickets can be booked on per person per seat basis. Canter safari tickets can be booked from ticket counter at Bandhavgarh. Online booking is not yet offered.

03/Oct/2013 Bandhavgarh Safari Booking Open
Online Bandhavgarh safari booking is now open for tourists. They can do the booking for their travel dates. New add-on service is introduced which gives liberty to add new names even after ticket get issued. Similarly many new measures have been take to curb ticket hoarding practices.

25/July/2013 New Safari Rules
Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari tickets limit will increase in coming season to reduce non-availability problem faced by tourists. Similarly fort-safari and tiger-show is also likely to begin again which were closed in last season.

02/June/2012 Bokha Tiger passed away
One of the senior most tiger of Bandhavgarh, Bokha passed away on 01/June/2012. He had a natural death as he was old and got injured in territorial fight. Bokha has territory in Magadhi zone and often seen in this zone.

05/Mar/2012 Indian Gaur (Bison) shifted from Kanha to Bandhavgarh
Since last two days, lot of activities are going on in Kanha National Park. Park authorities are engaged in translocation work of Gaurs from Kanha to Bandhavgarh. Whole process is under supervision of wildlife experts. Most of the forest elephants are engaged in duty. Some gaurs have been shifted and some more to go.

22/Nov/2011 Bandhavgarh Tiger B2 passed away
Our beloved legend Bandhavgarh tiger B2 is now no more with us. After long old age struggle period, he finally passed away and resting in peace. He was found injured outside Bandhavgarh forest, near forest of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. When he was tranquilized for treatment, he passed away. Our last video of B2:

08/July/2011 Forest Guard killed in Tiger attack.
One forest guard killed in tiger attack near Bandhavgarh Central Point area.

05/July/2011 Tala going to be Permier Safari Zone, safari charges will go up
As per latest information coming from Bandhavgarh, their is strong possibility to declare Tala Safari Zone as Permier Safari Zone and its safari charges will go up, if it happens.

04/July/2011 31 more Gaurs (Bisons) will relocate from Kanha to Bandhavgarh
In recommendation of Wildlife Experts of WII, Indian Government has given permission for relocation of 31 more Gaurs from Kanha National Park to Bandhavgarh. Earlier on 20/Jan/2011, 19 bisons were relocated from Kanha in which 4 died and 2 babies born during this time. New arrival will help them to adjust in their new home.

20/May/2010Tigress Killed by Safari Vehicle hit in Bandhavgarh National Park, Justice still awaited:    Last updated: -05/July/2011
So many news were presented here later shifted to archive page, but we have kept this here, in main news page so that readers may recollect their memories and let them know that culprits are still roaming freely. Justice delayed is equivalent to Justice Denied.
On Wednesday 19/May/2010, a tigress of 08 years old found dead in Jhurjhura region, close to water source in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. It was first spotted by tourists and reported to forest official. She died before the help reached to her. She was having 3 cubs of about 05 months old. First, forest officials declared the death cause as illness or conflict with other tiger. Postmortem report revealed the death cause as multiple injuries due to multiple hit by vehicle. Images recently released of postmortem carried out reveals that Postmortem was done in open air and axe is used in postmortem related work. It shows the level of arrangement and facilities available for animals. Investigation is going on. During investigation, several safari jeeps who have been allotted the route on the accident spot lies were detained for forensic examination and were later released with clean-chit. So far 03 employees were suspended in the case. Pressure is mounting on State Government so case is now handed-over to CID (Crime Investigation Department). Local people know the fact but as officials are high-profile & part of same system, nobody came openly. We suspect, if fact will come out & culprits will be presecuted fairly.
Till 10th of August 2010, investigating authorities are not able to find actual culprit. Although in some day some outcome will be made public but delay in justice is equivalent to denial of justice. It seems search for scapegoat is going on. Despite of visible facts, why authorities are not in a position to nab the culprit is a mystery.


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