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Places to visit in Bandhavgarh


Although Bandhavgarh tiger reserve area is large but hardly 20% area is open for visitors and rest of the 80% of tiger reserve area, remain untouched from safari activities. It means we do safari drives in 20% area of tiger reserve and remaining area is not accessible to tourists which means we will not be able to see those tigers which are having their territory in those restricted part of jungle. This is the reason that we find hardly 5-10 tigers, repeatedly, during jungle safari and they get the popularity and a major tiger population remain unseen to us. We sometime heards that some popular old tigers sighting is reduced or they disappeared and we conclude that they might has passed away but many times such speculations were wrong that they were pushed to other areas of forest, which are not accessible to normal tourists. We do jungel safari in an area of about 207 sq. km. has been declared for tourism activities within the Park. This area has further been divided in three tourism zones. Jungle Safari in each area has its own flora & faunal diversifications.

S. No.
Tala Zone Attractions
Magdhi Zone Attractions
Khitauli Zone Attractions
Siddha Baba
Charger Point
Umrar River
Kumbhi Kachhar
Chakradhara Hide
Bhadrashila Hide
Garhpuri Dam
Andhiyari Jhiriya
Mahaman Pond
Nilgai Nala
Badi Gufa
Climber’s Point
Tedka Munara
Marjadgarh Tower
Sita Mandap
Sehra Dadra
Charkhi Dongri
Gopalpur Pond
Suwari Wah
Chhulaha Camp
Sookhi Talab
Chatai Talaab
Bhitari Wah
Sookhi Dam
Band Talaia
Bandhavgarh Fort
Three Cave Point
Patiha Camp
Vulture Nests
Dabhadol Tank
Dinosaur Rock
Rampur Hillock
Banbehi Hide
Dhaua Tower
Bhitari Hide
Bamania Hill

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Some Places of Tourist Interest inside the Safari zone do of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are as follows:

Zone I- The Tala Zone sidhbaba in Bandhavgarh

1.  Siddha Baba: It is a holy meadow. Siddh Baba is a abode of Hindu God Lord Shiva. Here small shiva-linga has been established. It is situated in marshy meadow and close to Tala entrance gate. This is the most common point from where you can see the tiger near this temple.The diverse habitat of hills, grassland and riparian zone results in almost guranteed sighting of sambhar, chital, painted stroke. lesser adjutant and sometimes wildboars. The sidhbaba region was the territory of some the main tiger of bandhavgarh such as charger and bokha.

2.  Chakradhara: It is a large sprawling meadow surrounded by hillocks inside the park popular for the tiger sighting. During the summers this meadow looks like a open hunting ground for the predators. It is a marshy meadow which is rich in flora and fauna. As the availability of food, water and hiding grass is through out the year, so the wlid animals can be easily sighted in this region. It is favorite palce of dominant tigers of this tiger reserve due to availability of water and food, it is favorite place of wild animals which in turn increases the probability of good animal sighting including tiger. Chakradhara is a marshy meadow with rich flora & fauna. It was favorite place of legendary Tiger 'Charger'.

3. Chakradhara Hide: It is a hideout to watch wildlife and is located in Chakradhara meadows. It is a natural hideout to watch wildlife treasure of Bandhavgarh forest.

4. Andhiyari Jhiriya: It is the place where sparkling stream of water can be seen under the shady darkness of mango, arjun and saptaparni (Alstonia Scholaris) trees. It is popular for tiger sighting especially during summers. Dense shady vegetation offers ideal place to relax for tigers..

5.  Badi Gufa: This place to trace the history of Bandhavgarh. Badi Gufa literally means large cave. It is the biggest man made cave of about 10th century in Bandhavgarh. It is important cave from archaeological point of view and home of variety of bats. This cave is one of the biggest caves in the Bandhavgarh national park region which dates back to the 10th century. This caves is being made by carving the solid rock of sandstone. These caves were the shelters of the army of the king during the medivial period. Now the caves are home to wide variety of bats. The badi gufa is a man made cave not a natural one. Visit the bandhavgarh ancient caves page for the names of the caves of bandhavgarh reserves.

shesh saiya bandhavgarh

6.  Shesh-shaiya: It is a 65ft. horizontally laid idol statue of lord Vishnu reclining on the seven-hooded serpent called Shesh-Nag. It is also the origin point of Charan-ganga river which is also known as lifeline river of Bandhavgarh. It is the same river that we come across while moving from Tala village to Tala entrance gate.  It originates from Shesh-shaiya point. Shes-shaiya is a important point while moving towards Bandhavgarh fort. This statue is believe to be of 10th century. It is suggested to keep your eyes & ear attentive as you may find birds like Shaheen falcon, Malabar Pied Hornbill, white eagle etc. On the ocassion of Diwali , the biggest festival of hindus, people use to decorate lamps around the vishnu Idol.

7. Sita Mandap: It is a nature’s creation. Mandap is a hindi language word which means arch type structure. This rock intact over a stream in the shape of a bridge, gives an impression of a 'Mandap' (arch). It is favorite place of legendary Sita tigress. ‘Sita’ got her name derived from this place.

8. Gopalpur Pond: This pond is one of the impantant place for bird watching in Bandhavgarh. It is the best place for birding lovers. It is at the north east region of bandhavgarh national park. This region is a marshy area always filled with river water. The aquatic plants and mammals are rich in this area which makes the area suitable for bird watching. So of the birds which can be easily sighted in the gopalpur region is Kingfishers, painted storks, lapwings and stilts.

9. Ketkiha: It is a Pandanus point. This wet patch of aromatic plant "Pandanus" (Kewra) in the shadow of lofty Jamun and Arjun trees is the real treasure of floristic wealth of the Reserve.

10. Bhitari Wah: It is a meadow land in Bandhavgarh forest. Here one can find important medicinal plant Buch (Achorus calamus) is found here.

Bandhavgarh Fort Image11. Bandhavgarh Fort: It is a garrison made on a hilltop. Its literary meaning is 'fort of brother'. It is a treasure of archeology and history. Separate dedicated safari is need to be done to visit this fort.  Their are about 39 caves are found within 5km surrounding of Bandhavgarh. One cansee here the culture and civilization from 3rd century AD to 16th century AD. Places to see around Bandhavgarh fort are: Malh Patper, Kaper Di Lakhbariya, Stable, Sada ormani, Karn Pol (Gate), Court, Tortoise Idol, Fish Idol, Barah Idol, Kalchuri Gate, Kabir Temple, Moti Mahal, Bandhava Dheesh Temple, Army Barrack, Treasury, man-made ponds etc.

12. Three Cave Point: It is one of the archeological remains of rich historical past of Bandhavgarh. These caves, visible from Ganesh hillock road, are the mute testimony of Bandhavgarh historical past. These caves provide shelter to wild animals of park especially sloth bear.

13.  Vulture Nests: It is a gorge type terrain near ‘Sita Mandap’ in Tala zone, where on the rocky sides of nallah, vulture nests may be seen.

14. Ghoda-demon: It is a narrow & deep gorge created due to geological process.

15. Rampur Hillock: It offers panoramic view of undulating terrain of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Photographers may capture the sylvan beauty of sal and bamboo forests.

16. Banbehi Hide: It is another hideout to watch wildlife. Wildlife photographers & film makers often uses these hideouts for photography & film making. Banbehi hide is facing perennial nallah Banbei.

17. Bhitari Hide: It is hideout to do wildlife watching of Bhitari Wah meadows.

18. Bamania Hill: Close to Bandhavgarh Fort, here one can trace the ruins of fort.

Zone II- The Magdhi Zone

Charger Point Bandhavgarh1.  Charger Point: Legendary Dominant Tiger Charger was one of the hero of Bandhavgarh. Its pair with Tigress Sita was most popular among wildlife photographers. Charger Point is the place in Magdhi range where Charger died on 29/Sept/2000 and was disposed off. It is close from entrance gate.

2.  Rajbehra: It is popular marshy meadow with a view of Bandhaini hillock. It is origin of river Damnar. It is a Sprawling meadow with water overflowing over the stop dam. Herds of chital, sambhar and wild boars are commonly seen mammals around this meadow.

3.  Bhadrashila Hide: A hideout to watch wildlife tranquility of Bhadrashila pond. It is appropriate for bird watching.

4.  Mahaman Pond: It is a idean waterhole to satisfy thrist of wild animals of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Mahaman Pond is surrounded by dense bamboo clumps and is an ideal place to watch variety of herbivores as well as some carnivores.

5.   Climber’s Point: It is a naturally beautiful region where one can see inter-woven climbers like Butea superba & Bauhinia vahlii wrapped around sal trees.

6.  Badbada: A fine grassland which attracts lot of herbivores animals like Sptted Deer, Nilgai, Chinkara etc.

7. Sehra Dadra: Sehra Dadra means top-view from meandow. 'Sehra' is referred a thing at top and 'Dadra' means meadows. Visitors can have majestic view of Bandhavgarh hill from this meadow. It is biggest meadow of Tiger Reserve where we can see breeding pair of Saras Crane in the month of June. One can see insectivore plant Drosera here.

8.  Suwari Wah: It is a meadow known for wild boar sighting. Suwari is a local hindi language word means Boar.

9. Sookhi Talab: A waterhole popular as a bird watching site. It is located in a meadow attracts lots of waterfowls including pond herons, black storks, woolly-necked storks, lesser adjutant storks etc. Tiger on kill can be seen if luck favours.

10.Sookhi Dam: It is a seasonal water source frequented by tigers.

11. Kerhawah: It is a marshy meadow land with perennial spring having small patch of wild banana. 'Khera' is a wrong pronunciation of hindi word 'Kela' means 'Banana'.

12. Patiha Camp: It is a elephant camp in marshy grassland.

13. Dabhadol Tank: It is a perennial artificial water tank where one can do birds photography of migratory winter birds.

14. Dinosaur Rock: It is a natural rocky outcrop surrounded by greenery resembeling the site of 'Jurassic Age’

15. Baherha: It is a favourite haunt of Bandhavgarh tigers.

16.  Dhaua Tower: It is a hillock having patrolling camp from which one can have a 360º panoramic view of forests.

Zone III- The Khitauli Zone

1. Umrar River: River bed with picturesque river banks. Ideal choice to get interactively closer to nature & wildlife. Umrar river forms western boundary of park and is largest river in that side. It also travels through Achanakmar wildlife sanctuary.

2. Kumbhi Kachhar: Frequent tiger presence has been registered here. A forest patch with bamboo and grasslands attracting large number of herbivores and a good tiger habitat with frequent tiger presence.

3.  Garhpuri Dam: It is a dam used for irrigation purpose on the periphery of village Garhpuri attracting a large number of winter visiting birds.

4.  Nigahi Nala: It is a perennial water course frequented by Blue bulls and summer abode of tiger. Waiting at Nigahi Nala has many time resulted into good tiger sighting in summer seasons, so it is important area to visit during Khitauli zone safari.

5. Tedka Munara: It registers a good wildlife presence with large number of herbivores and a good tigers and leopards.

6.  Marjadgarh Tower: It is a old place of worship. A wireless station and fire watch tower atop a hillock has been established here. Offers panoramic wide view of the surrounding area.

7. Charki Dongri: It is a hillock offering wide view of large forest area. A wireless station is positioned here.

8. Chhulaha Camp: A patrolling camp in a grassland full of Butea or Palash or Chhulaha trees on the bank of Umrar river.

8. Chatai Talaab: It is an important waterhole in Khitauli zone and considered as important area for tiger sighting..

8. Band Talia: It is another important waterhole and tiger sighting area during summers, in Khitauli zone.

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