Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari

Bandhavgarh jungle safari

Bandhavgarh is a popular wildlife tourism destinations. Just like other tiger reserves, here also jungle safari drives are offered to tourists so that they can see the wildlife and have a lifetime experience in Bandhavgarh tour. Here safaris are offered in three different modes i.e. jeep safari, elephant ride and canter safari. Among them, jeep safari and canter safari is more popular among tourists as it is more affordable and easily available to interested visitors. Elephant ride is also popular due to very few elephants available for forest department, most of them are used for patrolling purpose so this ride is discouraged. It is very costly and requires more formalities due to which remain away from reach of normal tourists. Here we have described important information on jungle safaris in Bandhavgarh.

An area of about 207 sq. km. has been declared as tourism zone within the Park. It is just a very small part of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve total area. As Bandhavgarh national park comes under Project tiger, here forest is divided into core-buffer zone areas. Jungle safaris are done in both core zone and buffer zones. Core zone is further been divided in 03 Core zones i.e Tala zone (Gate-1), Magadhi zone (Gate-2) and Khitauli zone (Gate-3). Similarly buffer zone is also divided into 03 safari zones i.e. Dhamokhar Zone, Panpatha Zone and Johila Zone. Each safari ticket is issued to one particular zone only. Premium zone safari charge is higher than non-premium safari zone. Due to guidelines, limited safari tickets are issued to tourists whose limits are described in below given table.

Safari Zones Safari Vehicle Limit
(Morning - Evening)
Tala (Gate-1)
20 - 20
Magdhi (Gate-2)
20 - 20
Khitauli (Gate-3)
16 - 15
Dhamokhar (Gate-4)
14 - 14
Panpatha (Gate-5)
14 - 14
Johila (Gate-6)
14 - 14
Bandhavgarh Fort

Here core zones are more popular among visitors, in compare to buffer zones. Core safari zones are older in compare to buffer zones thus their popularity among visitors is obvious. Core zones are open from October to June month period where as Buffer zones are open throughout the year for tourists, even in monsoon season. Here national park remains closed for Evening round on every Wednesday. After Tala zone, Magadhi zone was opened for tourists from year 2011 and after few days, Khitauli zone was opened for visitors. Till year 2011, enough safari tickets are issued so that almost all the aspiring visitors, get the chance to undertake safari in core safari zones. But from October 2012, new notifications were issued and With introduction of these safari zones, tourists have better safari options and chance to explore the tiger reserve in a better way. All these safari zones are part of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve with no physical boundary that differs them from each other. Each safari zone has some unique features that differs it from other safari zone like landscapes, vegetation, prominently visible mammals and birds etc. From October to February tiger sighting is better in Magadhi zone. Sambar & spotted deer is more frequently seen in this zone. Khitauli zone is good for birding, sloth bear and blue-bull sighting. One can do two jungle safaris in a day i.e. Morning & Evening. Among 3 safari zones of Bandhavgarh, Tala zone is divided into routes and two routes are allotted in one safari time. One route for going from entrance gate to center point and second route for returning from center point to exit gate. Other two zones: Magdhi & Khitauli are free from route system compulsions. Some Places of Tourist Interest inside the Safari zone do of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are as follows:

How to book Bandhavgarh Park Safari ?
Two jungle safaris are possible in Bandhavgarh forest, except on every Wednesday when park remains closed for evening safari round. In a day (except Wednesday), tourists can do "Morning Safari" & "Evening Safari". Since safari season 2009-10, Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh State has allowed online safari booking through making specified payment amount, online. Such booking will block one or more safari jeep ticket for requested Safari zone on requested date against maximum allowed vehicle limit for particular safari zone. Here you will make Government Fee for safari vehicle. At the time of booking safari ticket, some visitor details will be required like:

  • Required Safari Zone
  • Safari Date & Time (morning/evening)
  • Name
  • Fathers/Husband Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Details of Identity Proof (to be produced in original at the time of entrance for safari)

This payment will not include Guide Fee & Vehicle Rent as it could be paid later. Guide fee is charged at the time of entrance to fee counter and vehicle rent to the vehicle owner or safari-organizer. To avoid making payment at 3 different points, one can use the safari booking services of Booking Agents or may book the safari through Resort or Lodge. To ensure safari ticket on particular date for required safari zone, we recommend advance booking as due to online system one may face problem in doing safari in required safari zone during peak season or because of black-marketing of safari tickets.

Canter Safari Booking : Since year 2014, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has introduced another safari option for tourists i.e. Canter Safari. Considering the problem of walk-in tourists, who reaches Bandhavgarh without safari ticket advance booking, Canter safari is like a boom as it is booked on the spot, no advance booking, no online booking. Tourists is required to reach safari booking counter, at Tala entrance gate, with Id documents in hand and pay the fee to get safari ticket. Canter is a 12-seater open bus in which seats are allotted on per person basis. For more information, please write to us.

Break-up of Park Safari Charge (Entrance Ticket + Guide Fee + Safari Vehicle Rent)
Bandhavgarh Safari Zones
Indian National
(in INR.)
Foreign National
(in INR.)
Tala Zone (Per Vehicle)
Magadhi Zone (Per Vehicle)
Khitauli Zone (Per Vehicle)
Canter Safari (Per Person)
Note: Above costing subject to change with the change in Forest Department fee policy or Safari Vehicle Association's vehicle rent revision, please re-confirm before taking final decision. Safari booking through resort may be higher as they charges extra for additional services. Resort to resort, cost varies.

Before Park Safari
Before proceeding for park safari, it is advisable to carry following item with you:

  1. Sun-glasses
  2. Sun-hat
  3. Good-quality camera is essential to capture best images of wildlife in Bandhavgarh.
  4. Wear clothes of color matching with surrounding, avoid wearing shiny clothes.
  5. Keep binocular/s with you. During park-safari, most of the time you will find you have to keep distance from animal, during such time binocular will prove to be the best thing to watch them.
  6. Keep sufficient memory-cards & camera batteries with you as forest offers enormous images to capture and often visitors feel shortage of memory/ battery.
Here we have shared Bandhavgarh safari timing information so that you can have rough idea of safari timing. On every Wednesday, Bandhavgarh national park remains closed for evening safari drive. Similarly on Holi & Diwali festivals, park remains closed for full-day.
Morning Safari
Evening Safari Time
Fort Safari
01 Oct - 15 Feb
06:00 - 10:30
15:00 - 17:30
16 Feb - 31 Mar
05:45 - 10:15
15:30 - 18:00
01 Apr - 30 June
05:30 - 10:00
16:00 - 19:00

Entering for Park Safari
Park safari in Bandhavgarh is the most important event of wildlife safari tour. Just like Game Drive / Park Safari in any other National Park in Madhya Pradesh, two park safaris are offered to wildlife lovers. First park safari of the day is held in early morning at 30 minutes before sunrise of around 04:30 hrs duration and similarly second park safari begins in afternoon till sunset, of duration about 03:00 hrs. According to change in sunrise & sunset timing, safari timings are changed by local park authority. Game drives are conducted on 4-wheel driven vehicles which are not more than 5 years old. In each vehicle 6 passengers were allowed to travel along with one naturalist guide and one driver. Most of the safari jeeps are privately owned by local villagers and resort authorities. All such safari jeeps were allotted a particular serial number after their registration into national park management authority. Before entering into the tiger reserve, some formalities are to be done at entrance gate counter which includes filling up of form in which vehicle details, naturalist details, visitors details (like identity proof details), driver details are provided along with submission of government entrance fee. Here two types of safaris are offered i.e. Full-vehicle & Single Seat. In full-jeep safari, tourist can book complete vehicle for himself/herself and enjoy the safari. Those who have low budget and less in number, can go for Single-seat safari in which they can book seat/s as per required & availability. It is also called shared safari. In Shared safari, guest have to reach 30 minutes before park opening time to confirm his/her presence and need to pay the share of gypsy+guide, in cash INR. only. As if now, cards are not accepted so carry sufficient cash.

During Park Safari
Once you enter into the Tiger Reserve, follow all the instructions of your naturalist. It is always advisable to keep, all your senses, alert during park safari as in jungle is full of surprises. In forest every tree, insect, animal, bird is special. Always keep your camera on and put your finger over image capturing button as there is no scope for re-take in forest. During park safari, nobody is allowed to dismount safari jeep in any case. In the mid of safari, all the safari jeeps are required to report central-point inside the tiger reserve. At this point, one can have chance for refreshment. It is rest of 15-20 minutes and later proceed for further game drive in Bandhavgarh forest. During park safari you may also notice some man-made cares, rock-shelters etc for photography. Wildlife is driven by their own and don’t try to influence them for sake of wildlife photography. Usage of mobile phones is banned inside safari area.

bandhavgarh tiger safari

Tiger Sightseeing
Bandhavgarh is known for high tiger density. Tiger lovers from all corners of world visits Bandhavgarh park to satisfy their curiosity to see tigers in their natural habitat. Tiger Safari zone in park are: Tala, Magdhi, Khitauli & Panpatha. Among all ranges of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Tala zone Bandhavgarh is most popular safari zone, spread over of 105 sq. km. having highest tiger density of about one tiger in 5 sq. km. Tiger sighting can be done on safari jeep or on elephant back through Tiger tracking is done by elephants. Tiger sighting on jeep menas successfully locating the tiger location and viewing it forest from safe distance. Secondly tiger sighting is done through participating special tiger sighting program called 'Tiger Show'. It is organized when tiger is somewhere away from main safari track and it is not possible to see it from safari vehicle. But due to shortage of elephants and their engagement in patrolling purpose, Forest Department has closed this service for tourists.

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