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Butterflies in Bandhavgarh

Butterflies in Bandhavgarh National Park: God’s Painting. Winged Marvels..

butterflies in bandhavgarh national park IndiaOf the 73 species which have been identified, the most commonly seen are the Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus), Common Wanderer (Pareronia valeria), Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe), Common Crow (Euploea core), Leopard (Phalanta phalantha), Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya), Danaid Eggfly (Hypolimnas misppus) and the Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae).

  • The Plain Tiger Butterfly, Danaus chrysippus, is one of the commonest Indian butterflies, found throughout the plains. It flies in an undulating fashion and generally remains on wing for considerably long periods.
  • The Common Wanderer butterfly(Pareronia valeria) is a medium sized butterfly of the family Pierdae, that is, the Yellows and Whites. The Male ground-colour a clear pale blue of a much deeper tint than in P. avatar, Moore; all the veins defined with black. Fore wing: Costa broadly, apex and terminal margin very broadly black, this black on the tremens narrowed towards the tornus, and traversed by a transverse sub terminal series of bluish-white spots that are variable in number; the spot in interspaced 3 shifted inwards; sometimes the posterior two spots of the series are all but joined on to the streaks of the ground color between the veins. Hind wing: dorsal and costal margins broadly whitish: terminal margin broadly black, especially at apex, the black area covered, except at the tornus, with specialized opaque-looking scales.

Female: black; the markings bluish white. Fore wing: Cell with two streaks, the anterior one from the extreme base, the posterior one from the end of the basal third, but extending beyond the anterior streak; below and beyond the cell is a series of streaks in the interspaces; though streaks very irregular in length, that in interspaced 1 the longest, angulated anteriorly and divided longitudinally from near its base.

  • The Large- or Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe) is a small pierid butterflyspecies found in Bandhavgarh. They are found flying close to the ground and are found in open grass and scrub habitats. It is simply known as "the grass yellow" in parts of its range; the general term otherwise refers to the entire genus Eurema.
  • Common Crow (Euploea core): glossy brown with marginal and terminal white spots either equal or decreasing in size. FW much darker than HW with short band. HW marginal spots more prominent. Underside light brown with markings as above mostly and the brand in FW very conspicuous. Wingspan 80-95mm.
  • The Common Leopard Phalanta phalantha is a sun-loving butterfly of the Nymphalid or Brush-footed Butterfly family. The Common Leopard is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan of 50-55 mm with a tawny colour and marked with black spots. The underside of the butterfly is more glossy than the upper and both the male and female are similar looking.
  • The Blue Pansy Butterfly (Junonia orithya) is a Nymphali butterfly o f Bandhavgarh occurs in open areas, often sitting on bare ground. This species has a stiff flap and glide style of flight and maintains a territory driving away other butterflies that may enter it.
  • The Danaid Eggfly or Mimic (Hypolimnas misippus) is a widespread species of nymphalid butterfly. It is well known for polymorphism and mimicry. Male: Upperside rich velvety dark brownish black. Fore wing: a broad oval oblique white spot from below vein 3 to vein 7, and a preapical smaller similar white spot; both spots crossed by black veins and surrounded by iridescent blue. Female - Polymorphic: Fore wing: the costa, the apical half of the wing and the termen black, the inner margin of this black area follows a line crossing the cell obliquely and curving round to near apex of interspace 1 a; a white spot beyond apex of cell; an oblique band of elongate white spots, a more transverse short subapical series of three or four much smaller hite spots, and an inner and an outer sub-terminal transverse series of very small slender white lunules.

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