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indian pthon IndiaPython : Amongst all the reptiles of bandhavgarh national park, pythin is the most deadliest snake. It is a huge long snake when fully grown length upto 5 metres or more and is non - poisonous snake. It kils its prey by strangulating and then sallowing it. An Indian Python lives in a marshy areas and during the winter it roam arond the rocky mountain to maintain its body temperature. Python usually feeds on mammals. birds and reptiles. Amongst all its prey, he loves to eat Langurs and can even swallow chitals. You can find the python near the numerous streams and waterholes of Bandhavgarh National Park.

The Russel's Viper : Russel's Viper is heavy in appearance like Indian Python. Its body sizes upto 5 feet long with thick body.

Krait : There are mainly two species of krait are prevalent in bandhavgarh National Park. One is the common Indian krait and the second one is the banded krait.

The Common Indian Krait : It is an extremly poisonous snake, moves slowly and is frequently found near waterlogs. The venom of the krait is more poisonous compared with Cobra. It bites only on provoction.

The Banded Krait : The banded krait is rarely found in bandhavgarh, but it exist inside the park area. banded krait is less poisonous, noncturnal and very rarely sighted.

The checkered keel back snakeChekered Keel Back Snake : There are different types of keel backs. They are checkered keel backs, blue stripped keel back, Oliv Aceous Keelback, Green Keelback. The keel backs live in both fresh water and fields. The Keel Backs are the commonest freshwater snakes. This snake is found in tanks, paddy fields, pools and rivers. This snake is the cruelest among Indian snakes with the exception of the Echis. This snake strikes rapidly with great determination holding on tenaciously. Prior to striking it flattens its fore body. It is an extremely active snake, capable of jumping clear off the ground and will do so repeatedly if pursued. Inside water it swims with vigor. This snake is a versatile diver. This snake feeds mainly on frogs, fish and tadpoles. The female is longer in length than the males but has a shorter tail.

Rat Snakes : are medium to large constrictors that can be found through a great portion of the northern hemisphere. They feed primarily on rodents and birds and, with some species exceeding 10 feet, they can occupy top levels of some food chains. Many species make attractive and docile pets and one, the corn snake, is one of the most popular reptile pets in the world.

Over 13 species of snakes have been identified, with the common ones being the Rock Python (Python molurus), the Spectacled Cobra (Naja naja), the Common Krait (Bungarus caeruleus) and the Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosus).

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